The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

This book explores the truth behind the fiction! 

This is the book that launched The DaVinci Code

"Offers an alternative view of Christianity cannot be ignored."

Publishers Weekly

"Magdalen, the great Mary, emerges with new power."

Archbishop John Shelby Spong

"Provocative and controversial"

Catholic Women's Network

"A heretic teaches what the Church does not teach. 

A prophet teaches what the Church doesn't teach yet.

I teach what the Church taught in the beginning and has forgotten--the Sacred Union at the heart of the Christian story."

Margaret Starbird

The "San Andreas Fault" of institutional Christianity is the systematic denial and denigration of the "Sacred Feminine" over a period of nearly 2000 years.

        Vocal critics of Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code remind us constantly that the thriller is "fiction." They seem unwilling to examine the strong evidence from the Gospels--discussed in Starbird's books--that supports the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

        The evidence for the intimate partnership of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is found in the canonical Gospels themselves, manifesting a sacred union at all levels of experience, and restoring a model for true partnership to western civilization at the threshold of the third Chrisitian millennium. The healing of the broken partnership mandala is the Sacred Reunion incarnate in the archetypal Christ-Couple.

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