Sacred Fishes

Lord and Lady of the Age of Pisces


This unusual image from c. 1250 is displayed in a regional history museum in Metz, a town in Alsace-Lorraine, France, which was once the seat of power for Merovingian kings.  Ancient legends come together in this painting from the seat of the Merovingian power in Alsace-Lorraine. It appears to be an ancestral portrait of the Lord and Lady of  Pisces (the Age of the "Fishes"). 

This is a drawing taken from a photo of the wall painting. The circle and the square represent the "union of irreconcilable opposities"--an ancient symbol for the "sacred marriage."

A recent discovery of a mosaic depicting two fish at a 3-4th century church in Megiddo confirms that the "partnership" of the Fishes was an early emblem of Christianity. The mandala is reminiscent of the Zodiac symbol of Pisces, the "Fishes"--the New Age dawning at the time of Jesus. The linking of the geometric square and circle depicts the "marriage of irreconcilable opposites" in geometry, the square represents Earth/matter and the circle, Heaven/spirit. 

Together, Jesus and Mary were perceived by the earliest Christian believers as Lord and Lady of the Age of the Fishes (Pisces dawning). The Zodiac sign for Pisces is two fishes facing opposite directions, a "yin-yang" image  found in the mosaic floor of one of the earliest Christian prayer halls in Israel (Megiddo, 3rd century).  This mosaic floor, donated by a Roman centurion "in honor of the god Jesus Christ," has no cross, no loaves, only Fishes, dipicted in the traditional pose of the Zodiac sign.


                                                                    Mosaic Floor, 3rd Century Prayer Hall, Megiddo