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Recommended Books

The Practice of the Presence of God - Brother Lawrence, a Carmelite lay brother, discusses the ancient practice of God's intimate, indwelling presence.  order here

In the Dark Places of Wisdom - by Peter Kingsley. Brilliant, heart-breaking in its implications, yet full of hope for reclaiming the "Sophia" so long devalued in our Western consciousness. Order here

The Dimensions of Paradise - by John Michell. Amazing research of the ancient canon of Sacred Number, geometry and gematria. Foundational! Should be required reading in every seminary and divinity school! order here 

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                                  Miracle Play

                             “Mary Magdalene

                                            The Greatest Story 

                                                   Never Told

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Music suggestions: 


This album by Libbie Shrader contains a lovely "Magdalene" Song, available on "iTunes":  "Magdalene"

Recommended Films

A Town Like Alice - film of the book by Nevil Shute first published as "The Legacy." This beautiful story is a modern version of the ancient myth of the "Sacrificed Bridegroom." A must see! Read the book, too.

Ladyhawke - a beautiful medieval legend of the separated lovers and their "sacred reunion."  This film contains wonderful symbolism of the "conjunctio" and the "sacred reunion."

Whalerider - awesome tale of enlightenment and reconciliation in the face of radical paradigm shift; an incredibly life-affirming experience. order here 

Water - an amazing story and film focussed on the abusive treatment of widows in India based on traditions and fundamentalist interpretation of Holy Scriptures which lock the society into a 2000 year old world view.

The Secret Garden  - classic story of the orphaned Mary who finds the key to the garden of her hunchback uncle and crippled cousin. The "metaphor" of the "wounded king" and lost feminine is powerful in this film about reclaiming the garden!

Enchanted April -  delightful story of four women who share a retreat in an Italian villa on the Mediterranean. A celebration of life, love, and the power of transformation.

Suggested Websites:

The Christosophia - website of Cynthia Avens and Richard Zelley, authors  of "Walkiing the Path of ChristoSophia."

The Beloved Disciple - Link to an interesting article by Ramon K. Jusino, a Roman Catholic scholar, on the possible identification of Mary Magdalene with the "Beloved Disciple"--the alleged author of the Fourth Gospel.

"The Girl with the Red Curls" - Kathy Goetemann's website: Children's version of Magdalene's story.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.